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ESG & Net zero approach

BlackPeak Capital

BlackPeak Capital private equity firm dedicated to investing in the growth of Southeast Europe.

BlackPeak’s website is powered by renewable energy, verified by The Green Web Foundation.


BlackPeak Capital aims to minimize its environmental impact while operating according to the highest social, ethical, and governance standards. We are also encouraging our portfolio companies to do the same and supporting them in measuring and reducing their carbon footprint.


We have a dedicated in-house ESG Director, developed an ESG strategy and work to promote science-based approach to Greenhouse gas emission (GHG) measurement and reduction throughout BlackPeak and our portfolio.



We strive to create workplaces and decent economic opportunities in the SEE region, while at the same time encouraging our portfolio companies to promote inclusivity and equality within their teams.

We are developing mechanisms for effective corporate governance and support our portfolio companies to implement them.



€150 mn+


Debt and equity deployed

New manufacturing facilities


Jobs created

US Patent



Our process

BPC exclusion list

ESG Due Diligence

(developing action plan if needed)

ESG onboarding 

session for portfolio company founders

Appointing ESG officers in portfolio companies and onboarding them

Data collection.

Assessment. Goal setting


Reporting. Communication.

Prior investment




Reporting principles: relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency, and accuracy

Assess materiality.

Measure GHG emissions

Track progress & communicate

Emission offsetting

Set relevant science-based goals

Make an action plan for GHG emissions reduction

Start implementing:


We are currently in the process of measuring the GHG emissions of BlackPeak Capital with Wind of Change under the Bilan Carbone methodology.

Information about BlackPeak Capital and portfolio companies from BlackPeak Southeast Europe Growth Equity Fund (BPC II) will be published on our website within BlackPeak Capital's ESG report.

ESG is not only incorporated into every step of our investment process, but it is also integrated into our everyday operations.

With a commitment to nature and environmental sustainability the BBC Tower has been designed to improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption by introducing the latest technologies and innovations in lighting, electrical systems, HVAC systems, and building façades.

Furthermore, we have seamlessly incorporated on-site recycling initiatives and have also integrated a state-of-the-art water filtration system within our premises.

We operate in a LEED Platinum v.4 building powered by 100% renewable energy.


Photo: BBC Tower

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We prioritize the establishment of an inclusive workplace that ardently pursues equality and inclusion objectives throughout our offices and portfolio companies. To achieve this, we strive to cultivate a supportive, non-discriminatory, and respectful corporate culture and environment.

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Diversity and Equal Opportunities

BlackPeak Capital is committed to ensuring equal opportunities throughout all its locations and hierarchies, both internally and within our portfolio companies. Our remuneration schemes and bonuses are designed to be unbiased and gender-neutral, solely recognizing merit and performance. We are proud to provide equal access to promotion opportunities for all BlackPeak Capital employees and consultants.

Inclusive corporate culture

The inclusive corporate culture at BlackPeak Capital emphasizes the importance of integrity, respect, and tolerance among all our staff members, promoting the highest standards of professionalism in the workplace. Moreover, BlackPeak Capital holds the same ethical expectations for the staff and management of its portfolio companies, both internally and externally.

We firmly reject any form of discriminatory, disrespectful, or degrading behavior towards our staff members, representatives of portfolio companies, investors, or other counterparties.


Registration: BlackPeak Southeast Europe Growth Equity Fund is registered under art. 6 of Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) - the default classification for funds without specific ESG focus.

Policy: BlackPeak Capital’s ESG policy approved by Managing Partners is publicly available on our website.

Disclosures: The company is currently reporting to IFC on an annual basis, following 8 performance standards.

In addition to that BlackPeak Capital voluntarily monitors and discloses company's ESG performance and works to improve it.

BlackPeak Capital is working to create a public ESG report in 2024 to ensure transparency and that all stakeholders are well informed.

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